Our services

RO Spain Real Estate is a Spanish company under Dutch management, and active for more than 12 years as a Dutch and Flemish-speaking real estate consultant on the Costa Blanca.

Our motto is: Quality does not have to be expensive.

The most foreigners who come to Spain, don´t speak sufficient Spanish and do not know the way. This can lead to unpleasant situations.

Did you know that owners of a property in Spain, both residents and non-residents are required by law to do an annually report (Renta) in Spain and that they must appoint a tax representative? (Click here for more information)

We take care of all administrative matters in Spain.

Home related:
  • Purchase Assistance with the purchase of your property in Spain.
  • Purchase Assistance with the sale of your business in Spain.
Fiscal Affairs:
Construction work:
  • Building Inspection housing and commercial spaces.
  • Survey.
  • Proxies.
  • Dealing with legacy.
  • Wills.
Other services:
  • Translations (Also in notary)
  • Insurance (structural, medical expenses, burial, life insurance, etc.)
  • Subscribe population municipality.

All the above services are carried out by employees of our office.

For further questions and/or information please feel free to contact us. CONTACT