A house in Spain: house versus apartment

Before you decide to buy a (second) home under the Spanish sun, you first must make a few decisions. First of all, you have to choose which region you prefer. Costa Blanca or rather Costa Calida?

After choosing your location you must decide which type of home you prefer: house or an apartment?

It is not at all a matter of “one thing is better than the other”, it all depends on your personal situation, your budget and your preferences. Both a house and an apartment have their advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find all the tips at a glance, so that you can make your decision without any worries.

Advantages of a house in Spain:

• Extra space
• More options for customization
• Value of the land
• More freedom, more privacy

Disadvantages of a house in Spain:

More maintenance costs and work
• Often a greater distance to the center

Advantages of an apartment in Spain:

• Extra facilities such as a playground, gym, spa or tennis court
• Feeling of community

Disadvantages of an apartment in Spain:

• Loud or noisy neighbors
• Common costs for the total maintenance of the building

Still can’t make up your mind? Do not let the stress of choosing discourage you. Remember that you have a guarantee of at least 300 days of sunshine per year in a beautiful environment!

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