Almost 23.000 inhabitants extra in the province of Alicante thanks to foreigners

The population of the province of Alicante has increased by almost 23 000 inhabitants in 2020. According to the regional newspaper, this is mainly due to the immigration of foreigners who have officially started living in the Costa Blanca. Most of the new residents come from Great Britain, Colombia, Morocco, Belgium and the Netherlands.

What we see is that people starting from the age of 65, among the Spanish residents in the province of Alicante, has increased from 19.49% at the beginning of 2019 to 19.81% at the beginning of 2020. The average age of the inhabitants of the province of Alicante is 44 for the men and 46 years for the women.

Total inhabitants

In total, according to data from the Spanish Bureau of Statistics (INE), 1,878,840 people lived in the province of Alicante in early 2020. According to their information, there are 1,505,124 inhabitants with a Spanish nationality and 373,716 inhabitants with a foreign nationality.

Dutch & Belgians – Valencia region

At the beginning of 2020, a total of 14,736 Dutch and 11,453 Belgians will live in the entire Comunidad Valenciana. These can be divided into the provinces of Alicante with 12,577 Dutch and 9,938 Belgians, Valencia with 1,778 Dutch and 1,097 Belgians and the province of Castellón with 381 Dutch and 418 Belgians.

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