The use of masks is no longer mandatory in Alicante

Two weeks ago, in the province of Alicante, the use of masks in interior spaces has ceased to be mandatory except for certain places such as health centers, public transport, residences, and pharmacies. In this way, one of the measures adopted to curb the spread of COVID and which was required for more than two years is put to an end. However, it is recommended to wear it in crowded spaces with poor ventilation.

Most people from Alicante are grateful for the end of the prohibition and it is hard to see people in the streets wearing it. In fact, the custom of wearing the mask had declined considerably in recent months.

It is believed that it is time to start treating COVID as an endemic virus, and although a rebound in cases is expected due to population mobility, it will not have a significant impact on hospitalizations. This is due to the high percentage of vaccinated individuals, and to the fact that most have already had the disease, resulting in “minor” cases.

The researchers agree that the prospects are good, encouraging the people of Alicante and those who visit the province to enjoy the activities offered by the city and its surroundings, appealing to the conscience and responsibility of the people as the best measure to protect ourselves.



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