What do you have to consider when renting your home in Spain?

Even during a pandemic, Spain is still the number 1 holiday destination and the most profitable investment for short-term rentals.

If you are already the happy owner of a house or apartment on the Costa Blanca or Costa Cálida, it is wise to rent it temporarily if you are not staying in it all year round. Certainly in the season, and especially now that tourists are avoiding the big hotels, it can be quite profitable. But do not forget, you must first obtain a special rental license and then declare your income.

The number of houses and flats offered for rent is growing every year. Taking into account these two solutions, renting nowadays is particularly easy. You can rent a property yourself – using channels such as: Airbnb, booking.com, HomeAway, Facebook, etc. or hire a company that will take care of the entire rental process, cleaning, handing over the keys, possible repairs and the entire care of the property.

Standards and requirements

Before you can rent a property, remember that your home must meet a number of standard housing requirements “Requisitos de las viviendas de uso turístico”.

It is very important to apply for a rental permit in the municipality.

In addition to the fact that the house must meet the standards, it must also be registered with the municipality, which will assess the rent with the municipal development plan “Compatibilidad Urbanística” and check that the planned rental is in accordance with the activities that the municipality has planned in a specific zone, street, urbanization or building. 

Application for a license to rent in a tourist area

After obtaining the consent of the municipality, you must apply for a rental permit “Registro del Servicio Territorial de Turismo” at the Tourist Office. After obtaining the registration number – it must be placed in a visible place at home and in all internet advertisements.The rental license is tied to your name and address so it cannot be transferred if you sell your home.

 Rental income must be declared

If you are not a resident of Spain, you must remember to declare your rental income tax. The basic rule for non-residents is to pay a tax rate of 19% on the net rental income received (rental income can be reduced by the costs incurred to generate the income).

 Does the whole process seem complicated to you? No worries! We provide all services related to obtaining a rental license!

Do you need help choosing a property for tourist rental in Spain? Contact us – we will help you find the best property, explain the most important issues related to obtaining a tourist license and help you throughout the purchase process at no additional cost.


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